What my wonderful clients have to say about my Postpartum Doula services!

Wow!! Galia is truly one of a kind and born to do what she does!! I had pretty bad post partum depression after my second and I have always felt it was because I had a lonely immediate post partum and no one close to help, so I over did it and didn’t really get to enjoy it. With my third I was determined to never go through that again. Hiring Galia was such a worthwhile investment! Me and my entire family loved having her around. From her delicious meals, a helping hand with laundry, her amazing baby whisperer skills, her constant encouragement and mental support, she was every hat I needed during my post partum journey. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much my 2 other kids loved her. My 4 year old named her his best friend ❤️ Do yourself a favor- hire her!!! You won’t regret it.

Katrina Riffle ~ Second time mom

Galia is amazing and I only wish I would have called her sooner. She is a wealth of baby knowledge and as a second time mom I still learned so much from her. I had a particularly tough recovery from the birth of my second baby, and I finally called in Galia when we realized (with no family in town) we couldn’t do it on our own… she not only loved on our little one, but she entertained our 4 yr old and cooked the most delicious and nourishing foods. She made sure I would rest and eat, she allowed me to focus on healing and recovery! We love her and I couldn’t recommend her more!!

Beth Robb ~ Second time mom

“Galia is simply amazing! She has been caring for our family after the birth of our 3rd baby boy. This postpartum experience has been nothing short of magical!! This can be such a difficult and stressful time, but Galia makes it enjoyable! She helps mom rest and recover, while focusing on bonding with the baby. She is also a natural with older children, and my boys asked every day for Ms. Galia to come back and play with them. On top of all that, she is also an AMAZING cook! She makes snacks and meals for the whole family. We were so lucky to find her, and we all miss her terribly!”

Amelia & Eric Peterson
Third time parents

“Highly recommended! Galia was there for our family shortly after the birth of our little one. As first time parents, she helped guide us through what’s okay and what should be avoided. She showed us the ropes. Thank you, Galia!”

Eric & Hayjin Lee
First time parents

“A month ago our son was born through a surrogate pregnancy. We also have a two year old daughter. We needed assistance because our families couldn’t come to visit due to Covid -19 limitations.

Galia who accompanied us during the birth and following was like a savior!

Galia supported us by caring for our daughter in the most meaningful ways possible. She kept our daughter busy with creative games and activities, which enhance child development. Galia’s experience with very young children is very evident, with out a doubt. Galia also helped with light housework, and cooked tasty hot meals every day, so that we could concentrate on the most important thing – quality time with our infant.

With calm and sensitivity Galia created a calm and quiet atmosphere in the house, which is exactly what is needed when a new baby joins the family. Her presence eased the first days after the birth, and infused us with confidence.

We warmly recommend Galia to couples who are expecting a baby and desire postpartum support.”

Noam and Amit
First time dads

“She is exceptional! 

 At 6:30 a.m. my labor was heating up and we knew our three year old daughter could awaken at any time. My husband called Galia and she arrived at our home within the hour just before I gave birth and our daughter awoke. 

We are forever grateful. Galia, who we had spoken with before about her supporting us on this incredible and unpredictable day and also for a time after, had wisely suggested spending time with our daughter ahead of time. Our daughter and Galia quickly built a relationship that allowed Galia to greet her as she awoke on the morning of our son’s birth and for our daughter to feel at peace ahead of my husband coming in shortly after to get her and bring her into our room to introduce her to our newborn son. Shortly after this beautiful meeting, I was greeted by Galia with the most delicious cinnamon, ginger and honey tea and warm oatmeal filled with honey and sweet dates. A very welcome and nourishing treat after having just given birth. Galia continued, for four weeks, to deliver the utmost care and love in our home and to our entire family. 

When we first interviewed Galia, I could see the weight falling off of my husband’s shoulders knowing we would have such calm, confident, knowledgeable and caring support. She was exactly that and more. I was inspired to have support postpartum from a book I was gifted, The First Forty Days. Upon hearing this, Galia found a copy and read it so she could combine her knowledge and expertise with the knowledge from the book that had motivated me to receive support during this critical and special time. Galia has also been a great resource for infant care and also outside care needed post-birth, which has been amazing for me since we recently moved to the Charlotte area. Galia is also an unbelievable cook and it is her talent and the remarkable amount of love that she puts into her food that makes it so healing during a time when healing is incredibly important. With Galia’s background as a preschool teacher and grace in working with children, she was a pillar of joy for our daughter who struggled some in the beginning with the arrival of her sibling who she dearly loved but felt displaced her to some degree as our family integrated and I healed. 

Galia created fun projects each day which our daughter looked forward to and I was able to focus on healing and also caring for and learning about our newborn during the time each day when Galia was at our home knowing that our daughter was receiving such incredible care and that soon I would be in an even better place to be the mother I strive to be as a result of this nourishing care and time to rest. Our son not only regained his birth weight by his first week appointment, but he had grown 15 ounces and by his second week nearly two pounds. Our midwife was taken aback by this, and I know that Galia’s thoughtfully prepared food, care for our daughter and for me, and peace and support that she brought into our home contributed to my healing, my ability to produce nourishing milk, to our son’s incredible growth and well-being and my husband’s peace of mind. 

While we were sad when it was time for Galia to move on to care for another very fortunate family, we are incredibly grateful for her loving support during a time when our family was integrating into a family of four, my body was healing, our daughter was becoming a big sister and our newest family member needed a nourished and relaxed mother as he greeted the world outside of my womb. Having Galia there for me and for our family during this time was a blessing we will forever be grateful for and that allowed this precious time to be what we hoped it would be.”

Sarah Miorin ~ Second time mom.

“I wanted to take a minute to write to you to tell you how incredible you have been for me and my recovery. I’m so glad that you reconsidered doing a short stint of time with Ori and I, before and after my traumatic birth experience. You are truly the linchpin in my “village”, having referred so many capable and wonderful professionals for Ori and I…
Dr. Laura
The Young Family Network of Lake Norman

And I know there are many more. And the cross references have been fantastic as well. But more than anything, your personal help, attention and support has flipped November into a truly positive experience.

That’s remarkable.
That’s incredible.
That’s amazing.

And it’s almost unthinkable, given the fact that this month also contains, the absolute scariest and most traumatic experience of my entire life… being my hospitalization and subsequent emergency C-Section, followed by my baby’s NICU experiences at Davis Hospital and then his helicopter transport to Levine NICU…

I can’t believe that all happened this month, and I’m still standing upright, in a great mood, with an overall positive assessment of this month. That’s because of the team that you have orchestrated for me.

I am so grateful for your kindness. I can’t think of words to express how grateful I am. Thank you so much.”

Sarah & Ori Tuvia ~ First time parents

“Galia is absolutely amazing. We recently worked with her when our first baby was about 4 weeks old. She helped build the confidence of me and my husband and gave us the tools to be successful parents . There are so many little tricks that she was able to teach us that have made our lives so much better. She also went out of her way to support us via text whenever we had any questions and has continued to do that.

My only regret is not getting her help sooner postpartum! We will definitely be working with Galia again when baby #2 comes along!”

Lea and Steven Dulin
First time parents

“After a long, difficult labor and delivery ending in an unexpected C-section, I quickly realized I would not be able to care for my newborn the way I had envisioned and needed help. In swept Galia.

She took over care of both my newborn and me authoritatively but with compassion and kindness. She quickly became a trusted confidant whom we heavily relied on to not only literally
learn how to take care of our baby, but also help manage my physical recovery as well as to hold space and be supportive around the often unspoken emotional challenges faced when
becoming a new mom.

I remember telling her one time, “being pregnant was a piece of cake compared to this” and thanking my lucky stars that she was around to walk with me through those first few weeks.
Some examples of things Galia did for us: setting up changing stations around the house, keeping my water bottle full (sometimes even holding my straw while I drank), demanding that I rest, eat, breathe – all simple things I took for granted before baby.

Non judgmentally jumping in to help me navigate the adventure that is breastfeeding, cooking delicious meals, trying out and always finding the ways to calm my little one, teaching me how
to give baby a bath, swaddle, wear a sling and taking our first trip out of the house.

Did I mention she cooks? She is truly a magician in the kitchen and you will not regret letting her wear a chef’s hat!

If you are looking for support in that “fourth trimester”, experience and education laced with a deep compassion, look no further than Galia!”

C.M ~ first time mother

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